Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, Sleepy Monday!!

Have you ever herd of the song, 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' by U2? Well I have a parody for it. Monday Sleepy Monday!!!! Do you think that Monday's are sleepy??? Well I do. Even though I don't have any followers somebody still might see my post. Well,  anyway. Today was most un-eventful. Except the fact I got assigned so many big projects and tests!!! Tomorrow I have a Spanish verb quiz. Were learning about the yo-go verbs and the present progressive ie/ando verbs for all you spanish speakers. Luckily I have all the verbs figured out. (GO ME!) Anyway, on Wednesday I have a spanish speaking test, where I have to come up with random sentences on the fly.(YIKES!!!) But luckily I think I could do it. Today in civics we got new seats....AwEsOmE!!! I sit by my lunch buddy. But the teacher also gave us a GIANT story assignment thats due the day after my Birthday...Talk about a present! And then finally I have a lab report that due on wednesday too. But I'm going to finish that after my blog post. Anyway, FOLLOW ME all you sleepy monday-ers!!!


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